14K Gold Bracelet Found,Green Port, Long Island,NY

from Glendale (Arizona, United States)
Contact: 1-631-741-5122

2013-09-21 07.55.372013-09-21 07.54.35Marty was cleaning his yard, raking up sticks and mowing the lawn on his riding lawn mower.

After hrs of work  it was time for dinner, That’s when he  realised  his gold bracelet was gone.

He thought about renting a metal detector  when he came across  across  the ring finders site and then

found me. We discussed the matter and concluded that if it fell off while mowing it probably  got run over

with the mower , pushing it into the ground. We both started a visual search first because the grass was very short and the ground

was hard…No success!…In the areas where the grass was long and the ground was soft I turned on my Garrett AT PRO

metal detector and started searching, About 10 min’s into the search I got a great sounding signal, I looked down but

saw nothing. Then I bent down and moved the grass with my hand and there it was, A beautiful 14k Gold Bracelet.

The pictures say the rest !!!!




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