Diamond Ring lost in 3 ft of snow,Brentwood, Long Island,NY

from Glendale (Arizona, United States)
Contact: 1-631-741-5122

About 3 weeks ago Long Island was hit with about 3 ft of snow over night.Next day of coarse involves

shoveling,snowplowing,and playing in the snow.Well Catherine was in her back yard doing some shoveling

and playing with the kids in the snow. At one point she took off her gloves and guess what, yes her ring

came off and fell into the snow.They searched frantically with no luck.She decided to wait a few weeks for

the snow to melt,thinking she would see it,but it didn’t happen.She then looked on line to see how much

metal detectors cost, in doing so she came across the ring finders site.So i got the call. When i got to her

house she showed me where she dropped the ring. Well she was very accurate because it took me less than

5 min’s to locate the ring.When i showed her the ring she was in disbelief.Immediately she had an ear to

ear smile,and then gave me a bear hug,( 3 times ) LOL. She was so happy and smiling i coudn’t help being

happy and smiling myself. Another great find with the  Garrett AT PRO metal detector…Catherine's ring 1Catherine's ring

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