Platinum ring lost at orient point, long island NY.

from Glendale (Arizona, United States)
Contact: 1-631-741-5122

I was at work when i received a call from spiro,he said he lost his ring on the beach.Here he was with his wife and kids having a good time on

a hot day at the beach.He was sitting in his lounge chair tossing rocks into the water,and then his ring went flying off his finger.

It was a rocky beach,and he said he heard the ring hit the rocks.They started looking for the ring,even some people near by joined in the search,still no ring.One person on the beach even had a radio shack metal detector.They searched for hrs and still no ring.Then Spiro decided to look on line and found the ring finders.When he called me i told him i couldn’t get there until i got out of work,then it would take me an hr and a half to get there.They kept on looking until i got there.

I had him rein-act exactly what he did when the ring came off.From his throwing action i knew his ring went to the left on not straight ahead

where he was throwing. About 15 mins into my search i found it,there it was sitting on top of a small rock.

Him and his wife were smiling ear to ear they were so happy.  Glad to have helped!11

Thank you Spiro for your very generous reward!


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