Gold ring lost at Robert Moses beach Long Island,New York.

from Glendale (Arizona, United States)
Contact: 1-631-741-5122

I received a call late Friday evening from Dave ,he was at the beach with his family having a good time enjoying the long island beach.They were here on a short vacation they live in Philadelphia.He told me that they were all getting ready to leave the beach,he was brushing off the blankets and the kids,while doing so his ring went flying off of his finger. About 10 people were on their hands and knees for an hr looking for his ring with no success!.When he got to his hotel that evening he looked on line and found my craigslist ad which referred him to the ringfinders site.When he told me what happened and he said he marked the spot on the beach.I told him we should get there at sunrise to beat all the hard core metal detectorists that will be out there early.We met at 6 am.He took me to the spot where he was standing when it went flying off his finger.I started my search,and after 2 bottle caps,and a quarter I scooped up his ring in about 15 mins.An immediate smile came on his face,he said he never thought he would see his ring again..By the way the ring was about 12 feet from were he was standing.

Thanks Dave for your generous reward!!

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