Lost platinum ring,East Setauket,Long Island,NY.

from Glendale (Arizona, United States)
Contact: 1-631-741-5122

I received a call from Joe. He told me that he was doing some yard work and had lost his Platinum wedding ring.

He had gravel delivered to his back yard.He spent hrs doing yard work that day.He then proceeded to spread out

the gravel with a rake.Some time later he realized that his ring was gone.He then started to look for his ring by

using the rake  to search in the gravel.He never did find it.So next he looks on the Internet and finds the ring finders site,

finds my name and gives me a call.When i got to his yard he showed me around the yard,i had him back track what he

did that day and where he spent most of his time.I searched the yard,and the gravel area,and did not find it.I didn’t

give up . I then searched the gravel again and wouldn’t you know ,there it was.It was about 3 inches deep in the

gravel.Total search time about 1 hr.The best part was when i showed him the ring,that smile was priceless.


Thanks J0e for the Generous Reward!!

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  1. Mark says:

    Nice work .!!!
    Never quit…….you proved what happens when
    you don’t.

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