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14K Gold Bracelet Found,Green Port, Long Island,NY

from Glendale (Arizona, United States)
Contact: 1-631-741-5122

2013-09-21 07.55.372013-09-21 07.54.35Marty was cleaning his yard, raking up sticks and mowing the lawn on his riding lawn mower.

After hrs of work  it was time for dinner, That’s when he  realised  his gold bracelet was gone.

He thought about renting a metal detector  when he came across  across  the ring finders site and then

found me. We discussed the matter and concluded that if it fell off while mowing it probably  got run over

with the mower , pushing it into the ground. We both started a visual search first because the grass was very short and the ground

was hard…No success!…In the areas where the grass was long and the ground was soft I turned on my Garrett AT PRO

metal detector and started searching, About 10 min’s into the search I got a great sounding signal, I looked down but

saw nothing. Then I bent down and moved the grass with my hand and there it was, A beautiful 14k Gold Bracelet.

The pictures say the rest !!!!




Diamond Ring lost in 3 ft of snow,Brentwood, Long Island,NY

from Glendale (Arizona, United States)
Contact: 1-631-741-5122

About 3 weeks ago Long Island was hit with about 3 ft of snow over night.Next day of coarse involves

shoveling,snowplowing,and playing in the snow.Well Catherine was in her back yard doing some shoveling

and playing with the kids in the snow. At one point she took off her gloves and guess what, yes her ring

came off and fell into the snow.They searched frantically with no luck.She decided to wait a few weeks for

the snow to melt,thinking she would see it,but it didn’t happen.She then looked on line to see how much

metal detectors cost, in doing so she came across the ring finders site.So i got the call. When i got to her

house she showed me where she dropped the ring. Well she was very accurate because it took me less than

5 min’s to locate the ring.When i showed her the ring she was in disbelief.Immediately she had an ear to

ear smile,and then gave me a bear hug,( 3 times ) LOL. She was so happy and smiling i coudn’t help being

happy and smiling myself. Another great find with the  Garrett AT PRO metal detector…Catherine's ring 1Catherine's ring

Platinum ring lost at orient point, long island NY.

from Glendale (Arizona, United States)
Contact: 1-631-741-5122

I was at work when i received a call from spiro,he said he lost his ring on the beach.Here he was with his wife and kids having a good time on

a hot day at the beach.He was sitting in his lounge chair tossing rocks into the water,and then his ring went flying off his finger.

It was a rocky beach,and he said he heard the ring hit the rocks.They started looking for the ring,even some people near by joined in the search,still no ring.One person on the beach even had a radio shack metal detector.They searched for hrs and still no ring.Then Spiro decided to look on line and found the ring finders.When he called me i told him i couldn’t get there until i got out of work,then it would take me an hr and a half to get there.They kept on looking until i got there.

I had him rein-act exactly what he did when the ring came off.From his throwing action i knew his ring went to the left on not straight ahead

where he was throwing. About 15 mins into my search i found it,there it was sitting on top of a small rock.

Him and his wife were smiling ear to ear they were so happy.  Glad to have helped!11

Thank you Spiro for your very generous reward!


Gold ring lost at Robert Moses beach Long Island,New York.

from Glendale (Arizona, United States)
Contact: 1-631-741-5122

I received a call late Friday evening from Dave ,he was at the beach with his family having a good time enjoying the long island beach.They were here on a short vacation they live in Philadelphia.He told me that they were all getting ready to leave the beach,he was brushing off the blankets and the kids,while doing so his ring went flying off of his finger. About 10 people were on their hands and knees for an hr looking for his ring with no success!.When he got to his hotel that evening he looked on line and found my craigslist ad which referred him to the ringfinders site.When he told me what happened and he said he marked the spot on the beach.I told him we should get there at sunrise to beat all the hard core metal detectorists that will be out there early.We met at 6 am.He took me to the spot where he was standing when it went flying off his finger.I started my search,and after 2 bottle caps,and a quarter I scooped up his ring in about 15 mins.An immediate smile came on his face,he said he never thought he would see his ring again..By the way the ring was about 12 feet from were he was standing.

Thanks Dave for your generous reward!!

Lost platinum ring,East Setauket,Long Island,NY.

from Glendale (Arizona, United States)
Contact: 1-631-741-5122

I received a call from Joe. He told me that he was doing some yard work and had lost his Platinum wedding ring.

He had gravel delivered to his back yard.He spent hrs doing yard work that day.He then proceeded to spread out

the gravel with a rake.Some time later he realized that his ring was gone.He then started to look for his ring by

using the rake  to search in the gravel.He never did find it.So next he looks on the Internet and finds the ring finders site,

finds my name and gives me a call.When i got to his yard he showed me around the yard,i had him back track what he

did that day and where he spent most of his time.I searched the yard,and the gravel area,and did not find it.I didn’t

give up . I then searched the gravel again and wouldn’t you know ,there it was.It was about 3 inches deep in the

gravel.Total search time about 1 hr.The best part was when i showed him the ring,that smile was priceless.


Thanks J0e for the Generous Reward!!

Lost Ring Found After 27 yrs! Isilp, LI, NY

from Glendale (Arizona, United States)
Contact: 1-631-741-5122

I was talking to my friend Bobby about my adventures in metal detecting and some of the items i have found.  Kidding around he said “maybe you can find my class ring that i lost in my dads backyard 27 yrs ago.”

I said are you sure you lost it there, he said yes.  I then said let’s go find it,  so we went off to look for the ring, we both laughed not really thinking we would find it.

Two oil filters and 30 min’s later I found it about 5 inches deep…  My friend and his ring were reuninted after 27 yrs!

Its been on his finger ever since.

If you need help finding your lost ring,  please give me a call.

Lost for 27 years!