Lost Ring in Davidsonville, MD, "FOUND"

from Annapolis (Maryland, United States)
Contact: 1-410-562-6185


I had just returned home from vacation, when I received an email from Kristine that she had lost her ring while playing catch with her son in the Severn River. As she threw the ball, she watched as her ring sailed through the air and hit the water.

She quickly went to where the ring hit the water and lined herself up with a piling from the dock behind her, and a picnic table on the beach area.  A big help!

The water was deep  as I started the search. I was getting a lot of signals, mostly trash, pull tabs, an old matchbox car, tin foil. It took a while, but I got and odd signal, deep in tone, and decided to dig it.  Sure enough, sitting next to the aluminum foil of a wine bottle at the bottom of my scoop was her ring.


The look on her face when I handed it back to her was amazing. A great way to end a vacation, making someone happy! Thanks Kristine for giving me the opportunity to find your beautiful ring.

2 Replies to “Lost Ring in Davidsonville, MD, “FOUND””

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Sounds like a hard search with all that junk around…Way to go on locating the ring!
    Best, Chris

  2. adriano says:

    no metal detecting not only to search yours lost ring
    but it may be your best job in the future
    i started it like a hobby
    and now it is my job …but how??
    the most important thing is developing your ways to do it
    not depending on detctors
    as you can did it easily from scratch
    you can extracting pretty bb golds easily and quickly be recycling parts

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