Lost Ring "FOUND" Kensington, MD

from Annapolis (Maryland, United States)
Contact: 1-410-562-6185

Spring cleaning, we do it every year. That’s what Shawn wanted to do last weekend. After clearing leaves, branches from trees, vines, mulching flower beds, and cutting the grass, she noticed her ring was gone. Looking everywhere she thought it could have come off, it was nowhere to be found. Her boss told her about “Ring Finders” and she called me. I met her the next afternoon and she showed me all the areas she had worked around the house. While searching, she told me the ring was given to her by her mom seventeen years ago, so it meant so much. I searched all the areas, then I went back to where she put everything for the trash men to pick up. My detector was picking up a lot of metal in the ground, so I used my Garrett Pro Pointer and sure enough, as I swept the grass, my pinpointer went off and I saw the gold in her ring shine in the sunshine. What an amazing feeling. Shawn cried as I asked, “Is this what you’re looking for?” She couldn’t beleive it. I told her, this is what we do. To return somthing that means so much to someone – there is just no better feeling.  Now Shawn can pass her mom’s ring to her child, as was intended. Thank you Shawn, for the oportunity to help find a family heirloom.


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