Lost Platinum Ring In Chesapeake Bay, "FOUND"

from Annapolis (Maryland, United States)
Contact: 1-410-562-6185

I recieved an email from Jason who had lost his platinum wedding ring in the Chesapeake Bay. Jason was in town from Minnesota visiting his family.  He had noticed his ring missing after kayaking in the Bay.  When I arrived, he told me approximately where he thought he may have lost it. He was scheduled to return to Minnesota the next day so we were hoping I’d find it.  However, after three hours I was about to call it a day and was headed for the ladder on the other side of the dock when I got a hit under the dock. Not one to ignore any hit, I scooped up a huge mound of mud, and saw what I thought was a pull tab at first. Then I saw that nice round shape and reached in to pull out his ring. I said, “Hey Jason, is this what you’re looking for?” He couldn’t believe it. He yelled to his family and they all came running down to the dock. After hugs and high fives from his family, we laughed and all was right with the world . He can go home a happy guy and not have to think about his ring at the bottom of the Bay.  A special thanks goes to his his family for their hospitality. I have to say, I was a bit worried. I didn’t want to let him down. My Excalibur is a great machine. Jason wanted me to extend his thanks to Chris Turner for starting this service and to all those that help people find lost items that mean so much. It is truly a great service.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    That was a great story! Way to go Vic! Sounds like it was a tough search, glad you found it for him! My last 3 recoveries have all been men’s platinum wedding bands. Lots of platinum rings being lost this year! That was kind of him to extend his thanks out this way…I love this website and I’m proud of all the members on here that want to help others find what they thought was lost forever…
    Happy Hunting!

    Best, Chris Turner

  2. Jason Ward says:

    Vic is a real-life superhero!

    I gave him the nearly impossible task of covering several football fields worth of area in waist-deep water with a silty, muddy bottom and he delivered. I was ready to pull the plug at 2 hours having long since given up all hope but he showed extreme dedication and persistence. I really don’t have enough great things to say about him or this site. You guys do one heck of a public service! I stumbled upon theringfinders by accident (similar to others also looking for waterproof metal detectors) and contacted him on a wing and a prayer. Boy am I glad I did! If you’re in need of a miracle look no further and give Vic a call. He is the MAN!

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