Lost Ring, Cape St Claire, MD "FOUND"

from Annapolis (Maryland, United States)
Contact: 1-410-562-6185

Received an email yesterday from a young woman who asked if I could help find a ring her husband had lost while swimming. She said it was in about two to three feet of water at a small beach not far from where I live in Annapolis. We met on Sunday morning and I was hoping it would be close to the shore. Well, we walked out about thirty to forty yards and with the water above my waist and the rod on my metal detector extended as far as it would reach, we started searching. Having never searched in water that deep before and only having my small hand scoop, I had to hold the detector straight up as my detector is not waterproof. We came upon several good signals and Don, the ring owner, was a real trooper as he would hold his breath, go under water, and reach down to scoop what I had detected. After many failed attemps I came across a really good target. Don made several passes with the scoop but just couldn’t seem to get it. I told him to wait a second as I tried to feel around with my foot and must have moved it just enough for Don to feel it in his hand and he came up with the ring. I think I was more suprised than he was. What a great feeling! Don’s wife Erin and a few neighbors were there to congratulate him as he came in holding his ring.

Thank you Erin and Don for the oportunity to help find your ring. It was a real pleasure to meet you both and a lot of fun. I learn something  from every outing and I’ll remember this for a long time. Thanks again.

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  1. Erin says:

    Vic found my husband’s wedding band at the bottom of the Magothy River! The ring had slipped off his finger while we swam at our community beach in Cape St. Claire. He realized right away that the ring was off and we spent almost 2 hours combing the area- we were over 30 yards out from the shore in waist-deep water, and even with swimming goggles you could only see about 6-8 inches in front of you. As it grew late, we conceded that we were never going to find the ring. My husband felt terrible about losing his wedding ring, though it was not his fault. I knew it was going to continue to bother him, so I went home and started searching the web. Initially, I was hoping to find a metal detector for rent, then I came across The Ring Finders’ website. I emailed Vic and was surprised with his speedy response. He offered to meet us the next morning to start searching! Sure enough, Vic was at the beach with his detector when we got there. He and my husband went into the water and covered a lot of ground. We started to attract a small crowd of spectators. I told them the story of the lost ring on the pier while the men continued their search. Over an hour into the mission Vic was still persistent. He had not given up hope- although we were all sure it was a lost cause. After nearly an hour and a half, THEY FOUND IT!!! The small crowd cheered! Nobody could believe it! Vic and my husband waded back to shore to be greeted by hugs and cheers. Vic Auletta, we cannot thank you enough! You recovered the ring and reminded us of two valuable lessons: never give up hope and don’t wear your wedding ring while swimming in a river!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Great job Vic! Nice testimonial that Erin wrote for you. Sounds like it was a tough search but the smiles tell me it was a happy ending!
    Best, Chris

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