Rings recovered Fremont Recreation Area, Fremont, Nebraska

  • from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)

Was contacted by rings owner after she searched for metal detectors on the internet.  She had been swimming at a nearby lake when she lost two rings,  they both came off as she begin to tread water.  I drove out after work and met her and a friend at the lake. Both of them waded out and watched me pull up a few coins, bottle caps, and pull tabs.   After about an hour or so, she went up to the beach and it was just her friend and I in the water.  Just then I had two signals fairly close together, one low and one high tone.  The more sentimental ring was made of silver (high tone) the other was a non-precious metal (low tone.)  I told her friend that I was pretty sure I just found her rings.  By the time I got the first ring  in the scoop(the one she really wanted to recover) she was again standing near us.   I pulled the scoop out of the water and reached in, I think she assumed it was going to be another coin.   When I held the ring out to her,  that familiar contagious smile spread across her face.  This really is a great hobby