Lost Wedding Ring Recovered, Fremont, NE

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)

Received a call Monday evening from Eric stating he lost his wedding ring over the weekend.  The ring came of his finger while playing volleyball in about 5 ft of water.    He and his friends searched for two hours without any luck…

A search on Google brought him to TheRingFinders website and a phone call to me.  We made arrangements to meet Tuesday evening after work.  He was headed to PA on Weds and then out of the country for several weeks.  I was determined to do what I could to find his ring prior to him leaving town.

It was a fairly small search, 15 x 15, in one corner of a roped off swimming area.  After going over that area pretty well, for about an hour, we started to expand the search.  Shortly after that, I had a good signal in roughly 4 feet of water.  Using a homemade digging tool with a mesh bag attached, I raked the bottom and pulled it up out of the water.  There in the bottom of the bag was a ring.  I swung it over to him and asked him “What does that look like to you?

He didn’t see it at first, but when he did, he gave me a look of disbelief with a side of grin.  He reached in, pulled it out, and promptly put it back on his finger.

I’m pretty sure he made a phone call to his wife shortly after we parted ways.

Eric, it was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for giving us a call.  Tony

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