Antique Gold Ring Found and Returned

from Del Mar (California, United States)
Contact: 1-858-945-0180

September 24, 2015

My Daughter, Julie posted one of my metal detecting YouTube videos on her Facebook page (I think it’s cool that she likes what I do) and it got a bunch of comments.  One of her friends, Amy, told her story about how her daughter lost her ring at school in one of the playgrounds. It was an antique ring given to her daughter by her grandmother and although not a really valuable piece of jewelry it had huge sentimental value and Amy was pretty heartbroken when it was lost. Amy actually purchased a metal detector and had tried to find it with no luck. Julie suggested to Amy that I might be able to help and got her permission to have me call her. I got in touch and arranged to meet her at the school that same afternoon. Now this school is pretty big. It has several playgrounds and Amy’s kid plays on them all.  She was wearing the ring on a chain around her neck and the ring was lost when the chain came undone.  Fortunately, they had found the chain which kinda narrowed down the hunt. I started my search by gridding what I could around all the steel belted tires and playground equipment. I was using my AT Pro with a large coil and was planning to change to a small coil and use my pin pointer if my initial search failed. About an hour later a good solid mid tone under the swing set told me I might be in luck. It was either going to be a pull tab (unlikely) a bottle cap (very unlikely) a nickel or a gold ring. I brushed away a couple inches of sand and there it was. A beautiful little gold diamond ring! Amy was walking around searching on another playground when I brought it to her. I was really happy that I was going to be able to return this treasure to her but my joy was pretty much eclipsed by hers when I dropped it in her hand. What an amazing moment!

amyring DSCF2052

Thanks Jules for sending her my way and thank you Amy for making my day and for the nice reward.

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