Lost keys found on Del Mar Beach

from Del Mar (California, United States)
Contact: 1-858-945-0180

Friday morning around 9:30, right after a 3 hour hunt on Dog Beach, I got a call from Amega asking me to help him find his set of keys he lost the night before in Del Mar. I agreed to meet him on the beach after breakfast. We met near a location where he and his girlfriend were trying to avoid the high tide surge and were scampering around a drainage pipe. I asked him to stand on the spot where he thought was the most likely place he dropped them. Well the rest of the story is pretty short. I started to grid near the pipe and 10 feet in, I got a nice mid range tone. It was a little bling ring! (Target #1). I walked around the pipe, got another solid mid range tone and scooped up his keys! (Target #2).  That was it! No drama of finding pull tabs and bottle caps to show him just for suspense. Just two targets and one was pay dirt. Man, was he impressed.

AmegaAmega keys

This is a really nice guy and I was really happy I could help him out. Thanks for the nice reward Amega,


2 Replies to “Lost keys found on Del Mar Beach”

  1. amega says:

    We set a precedent Tony.

  2. Joey Wishlaw says:

    Say uh, you uh, you don’t know me but I was hoping maybe you could uh you know, could help me find my set of car and house keys. They are all cut out of black walnut from a single piece of wood and lashed together with a black leather tong. I lost them in the parking lot of the liquor store in Delmar. You can imagine how difficult they would be to spot with the naked eye on that black tarmac so I was hoping you would try and help me find them with your magical electric finder thingy. I have looked and looked and only came up with a penny, 2 dimes and a quarter. I wish there was more I could do, you are my last hope Mr. Eisenhower
    Thank you for taking the time to read this call for help.
    Warm regards,

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