Lost Gold Ring Bradford County PA. Found

  • from New Albany (Pennsylvania, United States)

Don’s granddaughter texted me that he had lost his family heirloom gold ring while feeding his koi. Don was completely devastated ever since he felt the ring slide off his finger. Several weeks had passed and Don thought the ring was lost for ever. They even had a guy come out to look for the ring. He took one look at the size of the pond and told them” you’ll never find that”. He didn’t even try to search for the ring. A couple days later My family and I made the journey to Don’s koi pond. My wife and daughter help me out on most searches. My daughter Sarah helps in the water and my wife Traci documents the search and consoles the clients. On land hunts we all run metal detectors. When we arrived and saw the size of the pond and the fish I’ll have to admit, I was worried. Several of the fish exceeded three feet in length. My first thought was while he was feeding the fish the ring may have been mistaken for food and swallowed by a fish.

We got in the water and began our search anyway. The pond was a very old farm pond before it became a koi pond. There were tons of trash signals. There were so many signals I had to turn the sensitivity almost all all the way down on my metal detector. we pulled up coins, pull tabs, aluminum flashing and bits of rusted iron. There was one spot I kept coming back to. The third time at the same spot, I was locating with my metal detector while my daughter would go under with a pin pointer.  The water in this location was just deep enough our arms wouldn’t reach without diving down. After several times of diving down my daughter came up with the ring. “I found it” she exclaimed! Instantly Don broke down in tears of joy! I have never felt more joy in what we do as when we handed Don back his ring. Seeing Don’s tears and smile at the same time is why we do what we do!

Tom Watkins


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