Lost gold ring in Wayne County PA.......................Found!

  • from New Albany (Pennsylvania, United States)

Cora emailed me to ask if I would be willing to help her find her heirloom ring she lost while clearing debris from a small stream.  She felt it leave her finger and quickly lost sight of it in the fast moving water.  Less than twenty feet from where she lost the ring the stream enters a large pond. I googled Cora’s location and saw that the drive was going to be over a four hour round trip! I was by far the closest ring finder to her. We made plans to meet at the location in three days. When my wife and I arrived at the location, we found out that Cora couldn’t be there and had sent a friend in her stead. I got my metal detector out of the truck and walked to the spot Cora lost her ring. Within five minutes the ring had been recovered. I was back at the truck before my wife even had all her gear ready. After leaving the ring with Cora’s friend We headed for home knowing that Cora was going to be very happy to have her heirloom ring back!



Tom Watkins

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  1. Griff (member in France) says:

    Same photo for both recoveries?

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