Lost gold wedding band in Picture Rocks PA.............Found!

  • from New Albany (Pennsylvania, United States)

Kevin contacted me via email about a lost gold wedding band. He had been preparing his hunting cabin for the upcoming hunting season and had lost his wedding ring he had worn for over 40 years. My wife Traci and I Set up a time to meet Kevin the next morning. We met Kevin near the access road up to his cabin. The cabin was about a mile up a four wheel drive access road. Once we arrived at the cabin we unpacked our gear and listened to Kevin’s account of what he was doing before he noticed his ring missing. It was pouring rain as it had been for days. We started out search where he thought it was most likely that the ring came off his hand. Kevin had searched for his ring for 4 days so the area was pretty torn up. After a little over an hour and still no ring, we changed tactics. We started a grid search in the area Kevin hadn’t search and before long we were able to retrieve his ring from the wet grass. Kevin had been watching us anxiously the whole time and the moment that ring came out of the grass he had one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen! That is the best part of what we do. Seeing the joy and relief on our client’s faces never grows old! It did not take long for Kevin to call his wife at work and tell her the good news.