Lost wedding band found at Hilton Head Island.

from Savannah (Georgia, United States)
Contact: 912-577-7227

Mike called and said he had lost his wedding band while playing with the kids in shallow water at the beach. His family and some other friends just started a week long vacation on the island. I drove over as soon as I could knowing the tide was almost low and was going to start coming in soon. After searching for nearly an hour I decided that maybe it was a little higher on the beach near the soft sand, and after looking for a few minutes I got a good hit. It was his ring. Mike told me that he grew up poor, and life had taught him to appreciate things more, and this ring meant a lot to him. He could buy another ring, but he wanted this ring back because it meant so much to him and his wife. He told me on the beach before we started looking that he felt bad all day about loosing it, and I told him well I think we are fixing to brighten up his day. Thankfully I did. Mike I hope you and family are having a great vacation and wishing ya’ll the best. Glad I could help.


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