Trio Of Rings Found At Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

from Savannah (Georgia, United States)
Contact: 912-577-7227

Randi called and told me she lost her rings the day before in the water at H.H. I told her I would be right there, but when I got there, the tide was too high and still coming in. We set a time to meet the next day when the tide was right. When arriving the next day, I began to realize this may turn out to be a rather lengthy hunt. She wasn’t exactly sure where she was when the rings were lost. Randi was walking down the beach and they were pulling a cart full of belongings in about ankle deep water, when a wave crashed, the cart flipped over, with phone, rings, and other items falling into the water. After a couple of hours searching, I asked if she took any photos during the day. She did, and by going by the background buildings we were able to determine a smaller search area. I continued the search in a different area while Randi left to get us drinks. While she was gone, BAM! Without digging the signal, I signaled her husband, Brandon, over. Out popped their engagement ring at five inches deep. In the same hole one of her children’s birthstone rings. The other birthstone ring was about two feet away.
When Randi returned, we didn’t tell her that I found the rings. Brandon took her to an open spot on the crowded beach and dropped to one knee, proposed to Randi, and put the ring on her finger.
You see when Brandon and Randi got married, there was never a wedding or formal proposal. They just went to the Courthouse, and signed the papers. When Brandon dropped to one knee and proposed on that crowded beach, it was exciting because about two dozen people around knew what was going on, and you could hear cheers and applause all over. I am so happy I could help such a beautiful couple! Brandon and Randi, may your best days lay ahead, and best of luck for both of you. It was an exciting adventure that I’ll never forget.

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  1. Matt BOEVERS says:

    Wat go to Tom

  2. Randi says:

    Thank you so much! This is a weekend we will never forget!! Such a tragic event turned into one of the best days of my life! Without your help and expertise we would have never found ALL 3 of my most precious possessions!! Your patience and determination is indescribable, I am so grateful! May God bless you on your future finds!!! You will not go wrong contacting Mr. Perry! He is a Miracle Worker! Thank you so much!!!

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