Engagement ring on Wilmington Island, Georgia found.

from Savannah (Georgia, United States)
Contact: 912-577-7227

March 5, 2018.

I lost my gold and diamond engagement ring in our front flower bed while doing some cleaning up on Tuesday night. The ring has sentimental value because it contains 8 of my grandmother’s diamonds. My husband and I both searched for several days, but were unable to find it. I did an online search for “how to find a lost ring” and Ring Finders came up. I was thrilled to realize that Tom Perry is a Ring Finder in Savannah. I emailed him on Saturday evening and he responded almost immediately. He came out the next day, on a Sunday, and was able to find my ring under a bush and buried several inches deep in mulch within 30 minutes. He was prompt, personable, and professional. I HIGHLY recommend calling Tom if you have anything valuable that is lost. I honestly didn’t think that I would ever find it before Tom came and saved the day.

Thank you, Tom.

Katie DeYulia.

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  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great job Tom!!

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