Lost Gold Wedding Band found at Carmel Beach

from Monterey Bay (California, United States)
Contact: 1-831-277-4964

Kevin called me Saturday afternoon and explained to me that he and his wife were enjoying the glorious sunshine we have been having this weekend.  He had put his wifes rings in the cup holder of their beach chair for safe keeping, but when he collected the chair they dropped out onto the sand.  He found all but one gold band.  He searched for it briefly but as we all know the sand usually prevails, and that’s when he decided to look for an alternative.  He did a quick search to see if anyone in the area rented metal detectors, but having never used one was unsure about it, even if he could find one to rent.  That’s when he found “The Ring Finders”, after a quick search in our directory he found me and called.  I missed his initial phone call, but called him right back within 10 minutes and got his story.  I met him at the beach and we discussed a few details of how he lost it and then I began to search.  My Sovereign GT sounded off within two minutes and there was gold in my scoop!  What a great day!  Thank you Kevin!


       Found wedding ring

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice recovery Todd, its amazing how fast the sand can eat up a ring…Glad he found you on The Ring Finders Directory! Happy Hunting, Chris

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