Platinum Wedding Rings Lost at the beach in Pacific Grove, CA

from Monterey Bay (California, United States)
Contact: 1-831-277-4964

Lisa called me on Sunday evening about 9:00 p.m., I was on another call out for Liam at the time.  She told me she had lost her wedding set that day and was unsure if it was misplaced or if she had actually lost it at the beach she had visited that day.  So I talked with her for a few moments and asked her to describe the area she thought she may have lost the rings.  Luckily for me, the beach she described was on my way home from where I was at that time.  I was unsure if I could get there that night to look for it or not, it depended on how long the current call I was on took, and I had to work early the next day so I needed my sleep.  But the call I was on only took about 25 more minutes and I had time to go look for her rings.  I called her and told her I was going to look for them and that I would let her know if I found them.  Well let me tell you the place she described to me was perfect, I went to the spot on the beach that she told me of and found an imprint of a beach towel still in the sand.  So I may as well start here, I thought.  I put my headphones on, turned on my detector and took two swings.  Overload!  Wow!  I scooped the target and carefully sifted two of the the three rings she described, I was so excited I called her immediately.  I told her I had recovered two of the three but was sure I had heard the third and would be recovering that one as soon as I got off the phone with her.  I did, it was laying about a foot from the others just under the sand.  I am so happy I had my phone with me and on while I was searching for Liam’s ring.  I met her the next day and returned her rings to her.  Lisa told me that the center stone had been in her family a very long time, and that made me even happier that I was able to help her find it.  Thank you Lisa!



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