Lost Wedding Ring on Carmel Beach, CA

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I received a voice mail Sunday evening, February 5, 2012 about 8:00p.m. from Liam.  He said he had lost his wedding band that day at Carmel Beach and asked if I could help him find it.  I had been feeling under the weather all day and was about to retire for the evening when I got his message.  I was actually dialing his number back to talk with him when another call came in from Liam, so I answered.  We talked for a few moments and took down the description of where and how he lost it, and told him I would not be able to look for it until Tuesday due to my work schedule and the fact that I was sick.  He understood and said he would try to find someone else if he could.  I of course felt extremely bad about not being able to help him sooner and decided I needed to get dressed and sick or not go find this ring.  So I called him back and told him I would go now and hunt for his ring, he of course was very excited and told me he would meet me there.  He had gone back home which I believe is about 130 miles from the beach he had lost the ring on.

So I started hunting in a spot that I believed was the area he described to me, but soon decided it couldn’t be the right area.  He had spoke of a dead tree, and the dead tree that I knew of was where I started, but he had also told me about there being a “step” in front of the tree that one could sit on, and that wasn’t here.  So I started searching for a location that better matched the description he had given me.  I soon found a tree with a small rock wall or “step” and thought, “this must be it!”  So again I began searching a nice tight grid, and about 35 minutes later I heard a sweet sound in my headphones and soon saw that glint of gold in my scoop.  I pulled the ring out of my scoop and put it on my left pinkie finger and looked up to the parking lot.  As I turned I saw a pair of headlights coming very fast down the hill towards me and thought, “could that be Liam?”  It was, not 2 minutes from the time I had found his ring, he was pulling into the parking area.  We met each other half way and I gave him his ring.  He was amazed and very happy I had found it.  I too was happy that I had found it because that beach is hunted very heavily at all times of the day and night and was worried it may have been found already.  Unfortunately I had rushed out the door and forgot my camera and was unable to take a picture with Liam.

I am so happy I decided to go look for Liam’s ring despite not feeling well.  What a great night!

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Congrats! Way to go on the recovery!!! Maybe you could ask Liam if he’d send you a picture of him with the ring for the book of smiles.
    Best, Chris Turner/CEO/The Ring Finders

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