Todd Edwards, Author at The Ring Finders

Beautiful ring lost and recovered in Guyton, GA

  • from Statesboro (Georgia, United States)

Jeff contacted me about a ring that was lost in their front yard while his wife was doing some landscaping. She wasn’t quite sure where it was lost. The ring had been loose on her finger for awhile and it could have come off anywhere in their yard, flowerbeds, or wooded area near the house where she was tossing yard debris.

I arrived and began my search. After a couple of hours thoroughly checking the places she thought it might be, I was beginning to run out of time and thought I may need to come back again for a second search. One last search in the corner flower bed turned up her gorgeous diamond ring.

It was great getting to meet such a lovely couple and I’m so happy I was able to bring a smile to their faces. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!



Lost ring in Savannah Georgia found!

  • from Statesboro (Georgia, United States)

Grant contacted me about an engagement ring lost in their backyard a couple of months ago. He asked if I could come out and take a look. They’d tried with their own detector without success. Grant confessed that he didn’t really know what he was looking or listening for and everything seemed to sound like pull tabs. (lol!).

After arriving on the scene and talking for a few minutes, it turns out the ring had been lost for closer to a year. It was lost last year on Mother’s Day while his wife was working outside on some furniture. After about half an hour searching where he thought it might be, I popped this absolute beauty out of the ground. Grant was thrilled to have the ring back and was excited to surprise his wife with the find.




Lost ring on Tybee Island Georgia found!

  • from Statesboro (Georgia, United States)

First find for TRF!

I woke up Saturday 8/9/20 to a frantic email from someone who’d lost a ring on Tybee Island, GA the night before. This lovely young couple had just gotten engaged and only 24 hours later the ring was lost. To make matters worse it was the last day of their stay there and they’d have to head back to Florida that afternoon. I set out from Statesboro that morning and met them on Tybee where they’d been camping out watching the spot where they’d lost the ring. After ten minutes of searching we were able to reunite her with the ring.

It was a highly trafficked area but luckily was very clean and so I didn’t have to deal with much trash.

All in all an awesome day and I was glad to be able to assist them in their moment of crisis.

“I can’t thank Todd enough for finding her engagement ring! After coming back to the beach to celebrate our sunset engagement, exactly 24 hours after I proposed to her, the ring got dropped. We were mortified after looking down and seeing nothing in the loose sand. We spent hours late at night combing through sand at the beach and were about ready to call it a complete loss; I expected nobody to be available on a Sunday morning, and we had nowhere to stay to wait any longer. Todd called us first thing in the morning after seeing our frantic email, and got from Statesboro to Tybee Island as fast as he could. After 10 minutes of searching, he found the ring buried under inches of sand! I’m eternally grateful for his help and expertise and would absolutely recommend giving him a call.”