Lost Ring in Big Sur Found

  • from Paso Robles (California, United States)

Success!  On August 6, 2018, I responded to help a gentleman who lost his wedding ring at a beach, on the Big Sur coast.  The beach is called Sand Dollar Beach, and is frequented by tourists and surfers.  He and his wife recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, so he was upset about losing the ring and eager to get it back.  Unfortunately, we were unable to meet at the location, so he sent me Google images of the beach, and circled where he was.  A few days had passed since he lost the ring, but I was optimistic I would find it because of the relatively remote location.

I spent two to three hours searching for the ring, and ultimately found it.  I was so happy to be able to return a ring with significant sentimental value to the gentleman and his wife.  It’s what the Ringfinders network is all about.

I’m convinced the Ringfinders network is the best way to find experienced metal detectorists that have the best chance of recovering lost valuables.  A few of the people I have helped bought cheap metal detectors and searched unsuccessfully before calling me.  Finding specific items in the ground is more difficult than it appears on the surface.  There are many variables, including: detector capabilities and configurations, ground mineralization, and the number possible targets in the ground.

I look forward to helping more people in the future.