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  • from Paso Robles (California, United States)

I’m happy to be a new member of The RingFinders network, and am looking forward to helping people find their lost jewelry and valuables.  I’ve always made it a point to help people when I can, and enjoy metal detecting, so Ringfinders was a logical choice.

I enjoy hunting for historical items and sites.  A couple of months ago, I was doing some “recon” looking for a popular swimming hole site that was used during the early 1900’s.  I retrieved my metal detector from my car, and started to walk down a trail to the Salinas River, which was flowing moderately due to recent rains.  Suddenly, a distraught lady stormed past me on the trail, with her husband following.  He looked at me, pointed, and exclaimed, “That’s the guy we need!”  I couldn’t imagine why they needed me, but soon found out she had lost four very valuable and irreplaceable rings.

We retraced her steps, and she explained she took her rings off and put them in her pocket to keep from losing them while hiking.  While she walked along the bank of the river, she slipped and involuntarily pulled her hand out of her pocket for balance.  She heard a small splash, but didn’t think about it until she returned to her car and found that her rings were missing from her pocket.

She showed me where she slipped, and I waded into the river with my metal detector.  Ultimately, I was able to find all four of her lost rings and a silver pocket knife she also lost from her pocket.  She was elated, and said I was the answer to her prayers.  I didn’t feel like I was the answer to anyone’s prayers, but have to admit, it was an oddly-fortuitous coincidence.  The area is typically not searched by detectorists, and I arrived at the trail a later than I wanted to because my son needed a little homework motivation before I left the house.  What were the odds someone like me would arrive in an obscure location, when needed, with a waterproof metal detector and metal detecting experience?

I’m glad I was able to help her find her irreplaceable rings.  Seeing the relief and gratitude on her face made me decide that joining RingFinders would be a excellent opportunity for me to help more people.  I look forward to helping many others find their lost valuables in the future.

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