Lost Ring in Morro Bay—Found!

  • from Paso Robles (California, United States)


I received a phone call from the Leonardo family who lost a platinum, one-of-a-kind, antique ring while they were relaxing at the beach in Morro Bay, CA.  The ring was lost on July 4th, but they didn’t learn about Ringfinders until July 6th.

Mr. Leonardo explained his wife had given him the ring to hold while she played with the kids in the ocean.  As they were leaving, Mr. Leonardo realized the ring was missing.  They spent several hours sifting sand and searching for the ring with a metal detector they purchased in a neighboring town, but couldn’t find it.  Thinking the ring was lost forever, they went home to Los Angeles.

Mr. Leonardo told me he was willing to drive several hours back to Morro Bay in order to show me where the ring was lost, but I thought we could pinpoint the location with modern technology.  Thanks to Mr. Leonardo’s directions, Google Maps, and the Iphone Facetime App, I was able to locate where he was sitting when the ring went missing.  Unfortunately, the area was occupied by a grandmother and her grandchildren.  They reluctantly allowed me a cursory check of the area, but there were a few places I couldn’t search properly because of toys, chairs, beach bags, etc.  I had a feeling the ring was under all of their stuff somewhere, and returned several hours later, after they had gone home.  The first target my metal detector identified after I returned was the missing ring.  It was buried in about two inches of dry sand.

The Leonardos were overjoyed, especially since they thought the ring was gone forever.  We made arrangements to return the ring the following week because they lived so far away.  I’m happy to say the ring is now back where it belongs.  The Leonardos are an awesome and wonderful family.  It was my privilege to help them find their lost ring.