14K Ring Set Recovered in Olympia WA

  • from Olympia (Washington, United States)

Sandy was cleaning up her yard after a recent NW snow storm that dropped a foot of heavy snow on her beautifully landscaped property.  As she removed a shrub that was too damaged to save, she felt her gold band and diamond anniversary ring slip off her finger.  After searching through the shrubbery and around the landscaping, she was unable to find the rings and feared they would be lost forever.

Sandy searched the internet to see if anyone could help her find the lost rings and found The Ringfinders.  She placed a post on my blog asking for help, and I was at her doorstep the next day to help recover her cherished jewelry.

We discussed the details of the day she lost her ring, and she had a very good idea about the area her ring was lost.  I assured her that if the ring was there, The Ringfinders would find it.  As I powered up my detector, she mentioned she was interested in how the machines worked, so I unplugged my headphones so she could hear the tones as I worked.  I explained that modern detectors have the ability to distinguish between different types of metal and an experienced detectorist can usually call the type of target under the search coil.  I further explained that we were looking for a mid-tone (not high and squeaky… that is where silver and modern clad coins sound) and based on her description of the size her rings were, an I’d read out between 11 and 18 on my Minelab Equinox.  I began detecting a small landscaped area where the shrub had been and almost immediately got a repeatable mid-tone with a solid 17 ID.  “That is what we are looking for!” I told her.  I pulled out my pinpointer and quickly targeted the source of the mid-tone, and with a few flicks of my finger, popped out a beautiful gold band at about 2″.  I handed Sandy the band and she was very excited.  I told her the other ring should be close and ran my pinpointer across the ground, and received another strong tone, but unfortunately, the was a nail about 3″ down.  I stood up and swept the ground again, when I received a sweet sounding and solid 11 on my readout.  “I like the sound of that!” I said.  A quick pinpoint, and flick of the soil later. I was handing Sandy her stunning 3-Diamond Anniversary band.

The smile on her face was contageous!  I was thrilled to be able to return the smile to her face and the rings on her finger!  It is always a pleasure to help nice people like Sandy.

The RingFinders – 1  …..  Winter Storm – 0.

~Tim Root



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  1. Jeff Morgan says:

    Nice work. I love recovering rings in the snow!

    Jeff Morgan

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