Music Festival Lost Ring

from Exmore (Virginia, United States)
Contact: 1-757-350-1123

Got a call today from one of my flyers that I has put out. There had been a music festival at the old school here in town and was asked to come and locate a lost wedding band. I had asked a few simple questions as to the area they lost it in. I have been hunting this school a section at a time during my lunch break as it is only a quarter of a mile from my work. The man told me where to look and I knew right where he was speaking of because I had just passed it the day before and had seen where the tents were set up. Luckly the tents had not been taken down yet and this made the search a lot easier and faster.

The hunt was on! Didn’t take more than 15 minutes to locate and I returned the ring to him. He didn’t wish to be on video due to his not liking the internet but was fine with me putting the story on.

Thanks for reading and check my video out.

Remember, “You Can’t Find It If You Don’t Dig It!!”

Here is the video link


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