1938 Family heirloom wedding ring recovered in Newfound Lake in Bristol, New Hampshire

from Hampton (New Hampshire, United States)
Contact: 603-365-6205

A week ago a woman lost her mother’s 1938 wedding band. She was at the water’s edge of her brother’s lake house on Newfound Lake in Bristol New Hampshire. She was throwing a ball around with her nephew, when she realized her mother’s ring was gone. They searched for well over an hour but couldn’t find it. They had pretty much the whole family in the water looking everywhere with no success.

The problem with gold rings is that they are so heavy that they often sink nearly instantly when dropped.

She ended up having to go home to New Jersey heart broken. Her brother John was still up here however.

She finally came across the Ring Finders site and I was contacted by another Ring Finder who was not as close to location as I was. He asked if I could assist and I was happy to do so.

I arrived at the cottage this morning and went over the story of how it was lost.

I gridded off the area where she felt she lost it.

It took about 20 minutes but I ended up locating this really beautiful 14K white/yellow gold ring. John was in the house when I found it. I called in “John, can I ask you a quick question?”. He came out and I handed him the ring. I said “Does this look like the ring?”. He was amazed and very thankful. He is 76 years old and the ring was one year older than he was. Both he and his sister were very happy that their parent’s heirloom was no longer lost.

Newfound lake Recovery

Newfound lake Recovery2

6 Replies to “1938 Family heirloom wedding ring recovered in Newfound Lake in Bristol, New Hampshire”

  1. John Volek says:

    Great Job


  2. Bill Jones says:

    Terrific work Tim!
    Bill Jones
    TRF – Calgary, AB, Canada

  3. Jim Wren says:

    WTG Tim, Outstanding job!!

  4. Monica says:

    Thank you Tim for a terrific job . I never expected to see my Mothers ring again

  5. Tim says:

    You are welcome Monica. It was truly my pleasure. It is great knowing that ring wasn’t lost forever!

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