Lost Ring in West Covina, Calif, Found! (4) Transformed!

  • from Kalispell (Montana, United States)

4 melted down wedding bands Transformed into Gold Ring

In 1975 I purchased my first metal detector it was a Compass 6b. I took the detector home that day and immediately proceeded  to detect the front lawn of the house we were renting in West Covina Calif. To my surprise I found a Gold wedding band within minutes. Needless to say I was hooked on this hobby of metal detecting from that time even until now. I continued to detect that front lawn for the next three hours and found three more Gold wedding bands and a silver Chinese ring. You could say that beginners luck had graced me abundantly. I took those 4 Gold wedding bands and put them into a finds box where they stayed for the next nine years. Secretly my wife took the 4 wedding bands to a Jeweler friend of ours who melted them down and hand crafted them into one beautiful Gold wedding band. My wife had the Jeweler put on the ring in Hebrew a verse  from the Holy Bible. Song of Solomon chapter 6 VS 3 which reads: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” I still wear this ring today and cherish the memory of the finds but most importantly I cherish my wife of 36+ years who had the 4 Gold rings transformed for me.