Lost white gold diamond ring- FOUND !!!

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

I was texted to try and locate a lady’s ring lost in either her front yard or aa a local gym where she had worked out. She kept it on a key ring coming out of the gym and upon arriving home, got out of her truck and across a short front yard into her house. At this point, she realized her ring was missing. While on the phone with her, I asked her if she looked through all the clothing she was wearing and if no luck, make a thorough search of her vehicle. She stated she had done this, so I told her I’d be there in about 30 minutes. Upon arrival, she was still at work and would be home shortly. I swept about two passes with my detector when she arrived home. She again explained where she thought it might have fallen. I told her I would go to the gym if no luck in her yard. I was just starting my third pass when she approached… with a BIG smile. She had gone back to the truck and found it on the passenger side between the center console and the passenger seat. I can take no credit for finding this lost ring but the outcome was great !!! Always try the easiest possibility first and then take it from there.

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