Lost earrings on Corona Beach... FOUND !!!

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

I received a text in the morning to look for a necklace lost by a young man when he was night surfing with friends the night before. I met up with him and he tried his best to show me the area where he had taken off the silver chain with a copper/bronze crucifix that was his grandfathers’. After several hours and cross gridding an area of 200 yards by 40 yards, I was unable to find the chain. I explained to him that I would reach out to other detector people who may have searched the beach earlier in the day and located it. He was dejected but it happens. I decided to randomly search the beach on the way back to the beach entrance when lo and behold, I found a pair of silver earrings together. I no sooner picked them up when a woman ran up to me and almost begging asked if I found a pair of silver earrings hooked together that she had lost and had looked for hours to locate without any luck. I smiled and said “Yes, I did and this was her lucky day”. Besides, they weren’t my size. One non-recovery but one random one find that made a vacationer happy. Another good beach day…

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