Lost Gold Chain with name pendent... FOUND !!!

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

It was during the late afternoon on this 4th of July… detecting the waters edge of Virginia Beach. The crowd was elbob to elbow with shaded tents covering the beach for as far as the eye could see. I had only been on the waters edge for about 20 minutes when a young lady ran up tp me and asked me if I would help look for a gold chain she lost in the sand under her shade tent. The rest of the family was there and said she had been looking for quite a while but with no luck. They pulled up the large beach towel and I jokingly said my searchers fee was $250. They almost all stared at me in disbelief but I laughed and said… “Nahhh, just kiddin'”. The location was about three feet from where they were looking and I had found it in less than two minutes. The mother/grandmother of the group started to give me money through one of the other family members but I refused. They offered me something to drink but I told them I already had something in my backpack. I got several pictures but the close-up is a bit blurry. I told them all to look up the website “The Ringfinders ” on the internet and they could see what we do. Not a bad day at the beach !!!

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