Lost automobile key... FOUND !!!

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

This weekend was ending up the big festival at Virginia Beach, Virginia… the Neptune Festival. This event includes beach volleyball tournaments, surfing competitions, a HUGE tented area for the world renowned sand scultures plus about 25+ blocks of individual tents where various artists and craftsmen display and sell their products. And did I mention the too many to count food vendors with just about any type of food you can imagine also scattered along the boardwalk causing me to drool doing any metal detecting on the beach.  I was only on the beach, freelancing to find whatever the season ending tourists may have deposited. As it was, I found three rings, two silver and one steel plus about $4.00 in clad.  As I was about to call it a day, I was detecting high on the beach in dry sand when I noticed a lady ahead, on a hands and knees, pushing the sand (yeah you’ve seen them before) trying to find something. I stopped my search and asked her if she lost something and of couse she had. She (Susan Morris) told me how she had placed her car key in her shoe but didn’t realize her young daughter picked up the shoe to fling sand and before she knew it, the key was lost in the sand. There weren’t any towels around, no one else, just this lady on her hands and knees, sifting through the sand to try to find this fob key. I explained to her I could search for it and she gave me a great description of the small area where it possibly was lost. My grid area was about 10′ by 10′ and on my third pass I found it. Afterwards, (of course she was happy as she lived 6 hours from this location) she wanted to compensate me. Sorry if I’m going to burst some bubbles of other hunters but I declined any payment. My reasons for this are that 1) this was not a callout and 2) I was there on my own time, traveling to get there. The only thing I asked of Susan was that she go to the Ringfinders site and possibly write a testimonial and keep Ringfinders in mind if she or any friends were to have the misfortune of losing anything. After all, we can search and very often recover ALL types of lost items.

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  1. Susan Morris says:

    I have been trying to leave a testimonial since you found my key, but there is always an error with it posting – I will continue to try however. I just want to thank you again for your kindness that afternoon. I was in a panic and not sure how to make it back home especially traveling 6 hours with a toddler whose carseat was still locked in my car. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to help. Your kindness, professionalism, and passion for what you do really shows. Very thankful we crossed paths and appreciate everything you did!!!

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