Lost High School class ring Chesapeake, Virginia… Found!

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

Just staying active with my MDing skills so with permission from my city’s school administration, I am allowed to detect the ball fields. During these times, I’m doing my part with social distancing as there is absolutely ZERO people in areas where I detect. On a quiet Sunday morning, I began detecting an older practice baseball field. This hunt was not looking for anything in particular;  just free-lancing it. After about an hour, I detected this High School class ring dated 2014. After returning home and cleaning it, I was able to make out an engraved name inside the band. After searching the internet with the information I had,(name, school and graduation year), I was able to find the owner. Today, I was able to deliver the ring to the owners father. Not a bad days work…

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  1. Benjamin Brightwell says:

    Hey everybody. My Name is Benjamin and i am the owner of this ring. I had lost this rings 6 years ago. I thought it was stolen and did not even think that i would ever see this ring again. Little did i expect to get a call from my dad telling me someone found my ring. Mr. Clyde did a fantastic job cleaning up my ring and i am extremely grateful he returned it to my family. I’m not a member and my clyde did do this out of the kindness of his heart. But if i ever lose this ring i know exactly who to call. Again, I cannot believe that i am seeing this ring again and so many memories of my highschool are rushing through my head. If you misplace anything, Please give Mr. Clyde a call. If this is how he operates for someone who didn’t hire him i cannot begin to fathom the expectations he will pass when you hire him.

    Mr. Clyde i thank you again for this oppurtunity and reunitning me with my ring.

  2. Here is me returned with my beautiful ring.

  3. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    I love returning class rings.

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