Lost Heirloom ring found in Sheridan, In

  • from Greenwood (Indiana, United States)

I received a message on the 13 of Oct. 2020 from a lady that lost a family heirloom ring that had been in the family for a long time. I showed up the next day and met the lady. She explained that she had lost the ring while working in the back yard and her husband and she had looked for it several days. They had even rented a metal detector and looked themselves but had no luck in finding the ring. I started looking the area she showed me for about thirty minutes with no luck. Going over the area again I moved some weeds that they had raked up in a pile and checked around it. There off to the side was the ring. Needless to say there was a very happy lady when she saw the ring

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  1. Melanie Wise says:

    On October 1st, while working on replacing foundation vents, the ring on my right hand was hurting me as I hammered at old mortar, in spite of the gauntlet gloves I wore as protection against poison ivy. I removed the glove and the ring which I dropped inside my bra. Don’t do this. I continued working, digging out dirt for vent wells, removing old mortar and vents, sitting and lying in dirt for half of the day. That night, I realized that the ring was not in the “safe” place I had put it; I mentally retraced my steps which were fortunately minimal. I recalled hearing something drop when I was on an uncarpeted floor in our home, but could not recall where that was. Over the weekend I searched the grassy area around the house & raked the dirt. On the 4th I rented a metal detector for 4 hours and learned that while I could not locate my ring, the yard was worth digging up as there was a lot of response, I made 7 cents. During the ensuing days, I divided the probable search area into a grid with kebab skewers and crochet thread and ensured that no one walked there. My husband raked the area and sieved the dirt with doubled chicken wire. We wore a fluorescent head lamp to search at night in the hopes of catching a reflection from gold or stones. I also desperately cleaned in every nook & cranny and under every appliance in our home. I was becoming increasingly depressed. The ring was originally my grandmother’s engagement ring; it passed to her daughter, my aunt, who had no children, so it passed to me. I wore it with pride. My eldest daughter will inherit it. My grief was compounded by my lack of responsibility and the impending need to inform family members of the loss. The internet, which had educated me on all measures noted above, led me to The Ring Finders. I called Terry Causey on October 12th and he agreed to visit on the 13th in a last ditch effort before I gave up actively searching. He visited as planned, was calm, realistic and within 45 minutes, successful. I was overwhelmed with joy as I replaced the ring on my finger; I was holding my 16 month old grandson who is named after the original owner’s son. I am thankful for the internet, for Ring Finders who share their talents. I will never forget you, Terry! Thank you.

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