Lost ring in Indianapolis

  • from Greenwood (Indiana, United States)

I received a call on Sunday morning the 8th of Dec 2019.  Mr. Jon B told me he had been cleaning his gutters out the day before and saw his wedding band was missing before he had even finished the job.  He told me he had searched the leaves around his house but failed to find the ring because the leaves were very thick from all the trees around his house. I showed up Sunday afternoon and after several hours finally located his ring. Mr. Jon B wrote this nice message back to me that evening.  “I lost my wedding band while cleaning gutters and hanging holiday lights. We looked for a long time but with all the leaves down we weren’t having any luck. The next day we contacted Terry. He answered right away and got on his way. When he arrived he got right to work, searching for nearly two hours. I was feeling pretty dejected, but Terry wasn’t giving up. He suggested grabbing rakes and stirring up the leaves. Terry raked too before picking up his metal detector again. About 5 minutes later, he found it for me. I’m very appreciative!” A happy man and wife!