Terre Haute couple loses wedding ring

  • from Greenwood (Indiana, United States)

I got a call the other day and Susan A. said that her wedding ring had been lost in their yard several days earlier. They even bought two metal detectors themselves and searched in vain. Then looking on line they came across The Ring Finders. Giving me a call, I was able to go out the next day. It had rained hard the day before and the couple were concerned the rain would make it had to find the ring. They showed me the area where they thought the ring might be. I searched over a hour with no luck. Michael A. came out and explained that the ring may be further out in the yard. Another twenty minutes hunting and I was able to find the ring in the grass! Susan was so happy she almost cried and could not tell me how thankful she was. Once again I was able to help a nice couple locate a lost ring

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