Lost Rings found in Martinsville, Indiana

  • from Greenwood (Indiana, United States)

I received a call last week from a young lady in Martinsville, Indiana about twenty miles southwest of Indianapolis. She told me that she was having pictures taken of her with her kids in the edge of their yard. They have a lot of trees and the leaves were falling and covered the area she where she lost both of her wedding rings. She and her husband had used a metal detector and failed to find the rings. Looking on line she found the Ring Finders and gave me a call. I went out the first day in the pouring rain and looked for about an hour and a half and failed to find them. She was sure the rings were in that area so I returned two days later to try again. Within the first ten minutes I found the wedding band under the leaves. I called the lady and she came running out to where I was. The smile on her face when I gave her the wedding band was a sight to see!  I started hunting again and within two minutes found her engagement ring in the edge of the woods behind a fallen log! Seems the kids were picking up leaves and throwing them and must have picked up the rings with the leaves and threw them into the woods.

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