Wedding Ring Found in Oxford/Nottingham.

  • from Downingtown (Pennsylvania, United States)

Ed from Nottingham emailed me about how he had lost his tungsten wedding ring while working in the yard cleaning up some leaves last autumn. He was pretty sure where he had lost it, so I had a good feeling about this search.

When I arrived on this drizzly morning, Ed was out working in the yard. He was busy processing some nice oak trees in the backyard, he had a couple of nice logs.  After a quick chat about firewood he showed me the area where he thought that he had lost his wedding ring. Ed told me that it is either at the dump site or somewhere on a path around his yard. The first area of interest was a pile of leaves – and there were a lot of them! Ed was working there about 3 months ago when he noticed that his ring was missing. He was pretty sure that it was in a ten foot area, where he was dumping leaves, so that’s where I got started.


My first pass and my detector gave me my first plausible signal. I tried to turn on my Garrett Pro Pointer to pin-point the item, but the unit was dead. Hmm… I had just replaced the batteries, but whatever, I pulled out a fresh 9V from my bag and was ready to continue. Yet to my disappointment, even with the new battery, the pointer still showed no signs of life. I was a little bummed that my pro pointer was inoperative, luckily I had a backup – the Garrett Carrot, so I continued on. I found that my first  hit was just a wad of molten metal.

ed-and-ringTo my surprise there was a lot of junk in the pile of leaves and in the ground surrounding it, so I was glad that I had put on my smaller coil (5×8) that morning. Yet my hopes slowly started dwindling  away, as I knew this pile of leaves was my only hope, as the path around his yard was just too large for me to cover. So he either lost it here or it was lost, since the path was just too much area for me to cover.

I was working the pile of leaves, when I hit a strong signal swinging the detector vertically up the side of this compost pile. I put the detector down and hit the area with the carrot pin-pointer and there, among the dirt I saw some roundness … dark gray roundness Ed’s missing tungsten wedding ring.

Ed was happy, I think that he almost gave up hope. I was also very pleased, especially since it was such a speedy recovery, I wish they all went like this. Ed and I chatted a bit afterwards and he asked me if I liked beer. A German not liking beer?!? Well, to my pleasant surprise, Ed had a couple of home-brews he gave me to take along. To date I only tried the Cold Hop from Boulder Brewing and I liked it – three more to go!  🙂

Ed also showed me the garage he built himself, he did a great job. A large two car garage with a wood shop on the second floor – pretty awesome! Yes, I wish I had one.

UPDATE: It turned out that the little power switch on Garrett my pin-pointer came apart.

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  1. Lucy says:

    Finding rings that are super tiny seems hard but reading this article made me nothing but amazed at you guys. I salute you for doing this kind of job!

  2. Tracy Cabana says:

    I’m happy I have my husband back! Thanks so much!!!

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