Wedding Ring found in Downingtown, PA

  • from Downingtown (Pennsylvania, United States)

While at work, I received a call from Neil. He asked if I was still in the business of locating rings and explained that he had lost his gold wedding ring while mowing the lawn the day before. I told him that I would be out that evening or the next day. Luckily I was able to make it out to his home that evening after work.

When I arrived, Neil and I talked and he explained that he lost his ring in the front yard somewhere, either dumping the lawn clippings or while mowing. He suggested that we look where he had thrown the clippings near the side of his home by the brushes. I spent about 15 minutes looking, there with no luck and a lot of interference from the home.


I then spent the next hour and a half in the front yard searching using the grid pattern. The top of the yard had electrical and TV wires, so my detector did not like that. 🙂  As I was finishing the front yard, Neil came out and suggested we try one more small area and then declare it lost, since it was getting dark. Since he lived close to my home, I offered to come out the next day to search the front yard again, trying the other grid pattern (north-south to east-west)  at no charge.

As the time passed, I completed one complete sweep of the front yard. it was getting dark and I had no luck … it was past dinner time and getting late. Stubborn as I am, I wanted to hit the most likely place again, where Neil was throwing the grass clippings. I set the notch disc to just the gold ring range ~ 45-75 sensitivity very low and did one final sweep. Covering the last two feet of the garden area, on the very edge of my swing, I hit a good tone deep under the brush. It was not near the grass clippings and a little far under the brush, so I had low expectations, but as I was about the hit the area with my pro pointer – I saw that golden glimmer in the fading daylight! There it was, ring found!

Neil waIMG_1093-webs surprised and happy that I had found the ring, I think he almost gave up hope. I was just happy to reunite Neil with his ring, as it was older and had sentimental value.

This was the third time that I had found rings on my final sweep –  perseverance paid off – now time for dinner!



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  1. Nice work.. I can’t count the number of times I found something at the end of my time searching.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Sounds like it was a tough search due to the conditions and you still found it..Great job Teja

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