Wedding ring found in Pottstown, PA!

  • from Downingtown (Pennsylvania, United States)

DSC03986I received a call from a distraught Linda on New Year’s Day. Her husband had lost his wedding ring either throwing junk out over his deck or during a long walk the newlyweds took that day. They tried to retrace their steps along the trail along the golf course, but could not locate the ring. Linda had a feeling her husband might have lost it working on the deck, as they demolished a table and threw pieces of it into their backyard. She also mentioned that he was taking his gloves on and off while working by the deck.

The lovely couple was just married last summer and the wedding ring was custom made from dental gold and then coated in white gold. Linda was really worried when they could not find it and that’s when  she found me on

I had planned to meet Linda and look for the ring a few days later when they were both home. Unfortunately because of a snow storm I had to cancel my trip up north that weekend; I rescheduled for the following weekend. Since the location of my search was in their backyard, we did not worry about anyone else stumbling upon the ring and a few days would give way to nicer conditions. The following weekend promised heavy rains, yet a look on the radar indicated a two hour window of light rain, so I called Linda and told her I was coming.

Once I arrived at Linda’s residence, she showed me the place she thinks her husband had lost the ring. She also gave me some details as to the activities he performed the day the wedding ring was lost. My plan was to start with the classic grid pattern on the ivy covered slope right behind the deck, right where they were throwing the junk. I adjusted my AT Pro’s settings and started my search. I was surprised at the junk in the yard and my first plausible hit turned out to be a junk latch under the ivy. My second hit, a few feet further, was also in the pull tab range, but to my amazement my pinpointed ended up on a silver colored ring!


I was very excited, as this was my fastest recovery to date– under a minute!!! I showed Linda right away and she called her husband. When he first looked at it, he had a puzzled look on his face, my excitement dropped as I thought that I had found another ring that had been lost. Yet he confirmed that this was it! I also saw how loose the ring was on his finger; he will get it resized shortly.

Linda and her husband were both surprised at the speedy recovery, very happy to have their ring back and generous with their reward. I was glad that I could reunite them with their ring and to see their smiling faces. They are now part of the “Book of Smiles.”

I was also glad that my search did not take any longer, because as I soon as I sat down in my car to head back home, the heavy rain began!



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  1. John Volek says:

    Nice work

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Congratulations on your quick recovery! the smile says it all… happy hunting best, Chris Turner

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