Wedding Ring found in Ridley!

  • from Downingtown (Pennsylvania, United States)

Joe lost his silver wedding ring over three years ago while gardening in his yard. Joe gave me the chance to look for his ring this fall, after the garden had died down. On a cold autumn afternoon,  Joe pointed me to two areas where he thought that he might have lost his ring. Since the garden had not been tilled or worked over, I put on my small coil and got ready for that high silver tone from my AT Pro. Well, it did not come, I had a few hits, but they were junk, except one clad penny.

I then tested a similar ring Joe had given me and to my surprise it rang low, it did not ring as a silver ring should. We figured out it had to be white gold. I went back over the two garden plots but still no cigar. Joe came out a little while later and we chatted, I apologized for striking out and he invited me in for a drink. He didn’t have high hopes, as it was “like looking for a needle in a haystack.”I wanted to do one more pass before giving up and succumbing to the bitter cold.

On my final pass I hit a plausible signal in the middle of the garden patch, I dug and at about four inches I saw a silver shine – the ring! Mission accomplished, now for that drink.

Joe was happy and surprised to have his ring back after losing it over three years ago. He mentioned that his wife would be even happier once she sees it again.


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2 Replies to “Wedding Ring found in Ridley!”

  1. tim.rippon says:

    Way to go. Those “Just one more pass” seems like they work every time. To bad we cant do that first!!!

  2. Yep, Perhaps we should announce “this is my last pass” prior to searching.. Maybe this is the only way we find those lost items sooner. Way to go.

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