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Hi my name is Teja Berberich and metal detecting is my hobby. I know what it is like to lose something of great sentimental  value and I am here to help you. I joined THE RING FINDERS to see the smile on faces when items they thought had been lost forever are returned.

The sooner you contact me, the better the chances are of a recovery. Please do not hesitate to call and or email me and let’s try and find your lost item.

Thank you and have a nice day.



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  1. Gary Mullen says:

    Hi Teja,
    I read your posting and wanted o take this opportunity to say “Hello”. I am also in the member directory of The Ring Finders in Reading, PA. You can contact me any time to chat and talk metal detecting. Having recently joined TRF about a month ago I have had one recovery…It truly is a wonderful feeling. I posted my services on Craig’s List for Berks, Lehigh, Lancaster, and Cumberland Valley. Take great care and welcome!
    Gary Mullen

    1. Teja says:

      Hello Gary,

      Thank you for the warm greeting and the offer to talk metal detecting. I read about your recovery, water up to your chin? That’s pretty deep, you’ll have to give me a couple tips on that one. 🙂

      Take care,

  2. Joy Grenfell says:

    I lost my rings both engagement and band platinum on my travel from MO to PA. We stopped at many places gas stations, rest stops etc. By the time I realize my ring was gone I was already in PA turnpike. I guess the lucky person who found the set is just very happy by now. I still have hope of it coming back to me. My husband had the engagement ring made and can’t fine one like it anymore. My question is do you charge for the finding?

    Joy Grenfell

  3. Teja says:


    Sorry to hear about your list ring, what a shame.

    My service is on a Reward Basis. You pay what you can afford or what it’s worth to you to have it found; this includes bartering for other items and or services. There is a call out fee of $20 (for my area), this covers my fuel expenses and 1 hour of searching.

  4. yes my ring was lost i want your help . i read your post and i hope you help me.

    1. Teja Berberich says:

      Yes, I will be happy to try and help you. Please give me a call at 484.639.4182 or email me with some info, your name, where and when the ring was lost, what type of ring was it?

  5. karen winther says:

    Don’t know if you remember coming out to my house and searching the front garden in Exton, PA. Unfortunately we were not successful but guess what my husband found today? Right under that bush, standing straight up, my mom’s diamond wedding band! It’s been months but I promised I would let you know if I found it! Thanks again for coming out and looking.

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