Ring recovery from water search at Allenwood beach Georgian Bay

  • from Barrie (Ontario, Canada)

I received a call for a lost ring in beautiful Georgian Bay,  It was lost in Allenwood Beach.

I spoke with Dane,  Katherines husband and he told me how she lost it in the water. it was priceless to her and really wanted it back.   I set out first thing in the morning and spoke with her mom who was onsite keeping people out of the search area for me.  She had put two markers down where they suspected it might be.   I began gridding the search area.

After about an hour of searching in medium waves,

Gorgeous Heirloom engagement ring returned

up came the ring and a beauty it was.   Her mom was excited as was I.  Its a great feeling when you find someone’s precious lost item they expect never to see again.  A quick call really helped me to pin it down.   Katherine was very happy to have it found and the feeling is mutual.

More pictures coming of the happy couple when they return to Allenwood beach to collect the ring from Katherines Mother inlaw.

Another awesome ring return.


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  1. Katherine says:

    What an amazing ending to such a horrible event. We can’t thank you enough Ted for everything you did for us. I would highly recommend anyone who has lost jewellery, keys, etc. to contact Ted ASAP!! He was very friendly and helpful on the phone he even wanted to come out right away it really felt like Ted cared about finding the ring as much as we did. We decided to hire Ted as he seemed very confident there was a high probability he could find the ring. After talking a bit we decided it would be better to come out in the morning as the sun was just going down. Unfortunately we had to return to the city the next day so Ted met with our mom in the morning who showed him the rough location of the lost ring. Ted went to work right away and within an hour he had found it!!! He called us to give us the good news and we really couldn’t believe it. Ted has managed to do the unthinkable!! After talking to him all we kept thinking was how happy we were that we called him and gave him a chance because without Ted our wedding ring would still be buried under the sand and water in Georgian bay. Thank you again Ted we will never forget what you have done for us!!!

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