Lost Ring Gretna Nebraska found!!

  • from Louisville (Nebraska, United States)

Received a early morning call from a young lady telling me she just got engaged on sunday night and went swimming in a private lake beach and she felt her beautiful Newley acquired engagement ring slip from her finger and she was scheduled to leave on a fight to Arizona today at 3:00 pm.
So since I’m a retired ring finder I was able to jump in the car and rush to her rescue, I found the ring in about 3 foot of water within 10 minutes with the help of a very friendly goose. They did all the right things they marked the spot on the beach where she last remembers swimming before it came off and didn’t spend too much time stomping all over it looking by feel. She is now on her way to a wedding chapel soon. Good luck to them both and i wish them a long and happy marriage.

the engagement ring

wedding bells