Lost Ring Omaha Ne...Found!

  • from Louisville (Nebraska, United States)

I received a text from a gentleman who said he lost his wedding band, a nice 14k white gold band in his driveway while he was snow blowing. He tried to find it with a rented detector but had no luck, he was out of options when he look me up and decided he needed professional help. I said yes I can be there on valentines day to see if i can find it. His story is he put his ring in his pocket for safe keeping but also had a baby monitor in the same pocket well as he pulled out the monitor the ring came with it. He then blew the ring into the yard. I look the yard over and saw were he had went back and forth many times so I thought this might prove difficult and set in to searching. But thanks to my 30 some years of experience I had the ring within 10 minutes. The wind today was blowing a crazy 25 miles per hour and very cold but I felt his pain and was not going to give up. He was very happy to see that I had found it and stated he was very indebted to me for finding it. im just glad to have been a part of a valentine day rescue!!!

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  1. Daniel McPherson says:

    Ted, I can’t believe what a blessing you were to me today. I’ve literally been losing sleep over not being able to find my ring. You came out on Valentine’s Day and found my ring in such a short period of time I almost couldn’t believe it. Thank you so much for finding my most prized possession.

    Ted was so kind and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone!!!!

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