Lost ring in Papillion Nebraska...Found!

  • from Louisville (Nebraska, United States)

Had a gentleman call me today and tell me his wife lost her wedding ring while brushing off the snow from the top of the garbage can. Said they looked and looked and tried to find it, then went and got a metal detector and still could not find it. Then he google ring finders and called me. I arrive at his house and with 3 minutes I got a perfect signal on my equinox and after chiseling away the ice recovered his wifes ring all intact and in perfect condition, She was very happy and so was he! I love being able to return someones prize possession like that its so much fun.

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  1. Dean HAMILTON says:

    We are very thankful that we found Ted Erickson through “theringfinders” website. In less than 5 minutes he found the ring (in a chunk of ice). We had spent hours searching for with no success.

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