Lost Ring Omaha Nebraska...Found!

  • from Louisville (Nebraska, United States)

I received an afternoon call from a gal named Jennifer. She was tossing away some trash in the dumpster behind her work when she felt her ring fly off her hand. She thought it went into the dumpster but after jumping in and looking frantically, it was not there. She then tried looking through a large snow pile and could not find it. She called me pleading for help. I agreed to meet her at the dumpster and look for her ring. I knew that detecting would be difficult due to the deep snow and the metal dumpster. and it was 9 degrees outside. So I shoveled all the snow out onto the parking lot and broke it all up to make it flat and manageable. I turned the detector on and received a low quiet tone and knew it was the ring neatly stuck inside a chunk of snow. It took longer to shovel the snow than to find the ring. I was very happy to call her and say I have something for you. She was very happy and could not believe I had found it. The smile on her face tells it all.

2 Replies to “Lost Ring Omaha Nebraska…Found!”

  1. Griff says:

    Nice job in very cold conditions!!

    1. ted says:

      thanks today its even colder

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